by Paresh Joshi
(Abu Dhabi UAE)

What are good tips to qualify customers in the sales process?

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Apr 23, 2016
Qualifying Prospects
by: Greg

Qualifying prospects during the initial call is one of the most important things you can do in sales, but for anyone who’s done it, you know that what’s difficult is asking a series of good questions without sounding like you’re interrogating your prospect.

The first part of qualification is usually done over the phone.

The first thing to do was to establish some sort of rapport and to introduce yourself and company.

After that you may ask:
"I know you’re busy, and I’ll be brief. There’s just a few questions that will help me understand exactly what you might need, and how we can help – do you have just a couple of minutes for me now?"

Then it's a matter of assessing whether your product suits their requirements, that this person is responsible for making the decision and that they can afford to pay for your solution.

There is nothing specific on this in my website so I'd like to refer you to the following article
" How to Qualify Prospects without Interrogating Them"

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