Overcoming Desensitization

It seems we are in an "oversold" world - there's a million sales messages pitching a million do-nothing products bombarding prospects every day through every possible outlet. I can have the most necessary, highest-quality product, and be totally enthusiastic about it, yet when I contact a prospect (even at their place of business), I may as well have called them at home during dinner time. It seems like they can't get off the phone fast enough. How can a sincere salesperson cut through all the "static" these days, and not come across like just-another-dreaded-telemarketer?


Probably is an "oversold world", then again people want to buy NOT be sold to.

If there are a lot of sales people out there selling, you have an opportunity if you are genuinely interested in helping people buy.

It sounds like you are very discouraged and the belief you express would not be helping your situation either.

Your prospects are under time stress and they are probably sick and tired of sales people pitching them. So, DONT.

I quote some mentors of mine who have all told me,.....
Communication is about meeting people where they are and taking them to where you want them to be.

You have to start out by meeting them where they are.
An example.

"Hi John,
look, you probably get people pitching you all day about this or that and the last thing you need is to have your valuable time wasted...problem is I have an X that may be of genuine benefit for your company... would you be open to a 5 minute discussion (OR reviewing some literature I could mail you) to determine if our offering is relevant to your business ?"
or after "company..." you might say .. "how can we quickly find out if this product is relevant to your business ?"

Meet them where they are - frustrated, tired, stressed, cynical....then be honest and sincere in helping them find something that could help them and be prepared to walk away if your product or service does not suit their business / situation.

Hope this helps, Greg

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