Open questions and Selling

by Fang Chen
(Sydney, Australia)

I'd like to know how to fire open questions to understand people's problem and situations, so that they can merge their minds towards solutions I may have to their problems.


Hi Fang,
yes, open questions are very helpful.
Don't know if I like the idea of firing them at people, sounds dangerous.

First thing though is to open the lines of communication with them and that is done by building rapport.

The next thing I would say is that you need to be interested in them and their problems.

Open questions are simply questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no.
So, ask questions about their opinion or questions that invlove them making a comparison or telling a story.

Here's the really important part, LISTEN.
Listen to the story or the comparison etc but also listen to the way they talk, understand the way of thinking behind the words.
Pick up their philosophy and beliefs about business and their strategies for buying.

Let me also say that "well targeted questions" are important too.
If you look in my webpage on persuasion articles you should find an article in there that writes about targeted questions.

Hope this helps, Greg

PS I also have a product I offer to help building sales rapport

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