Not Closing at Appointments

by Venu, Executive Director
(Mumbai, India)

I am convinced that the secret of my company's client acquisition is their experience with us.

While I am getting meetings with many CXOs, I am unable to convince them to try us out. I figure it is not a matter of price. We tend to fall in the category of "nice to know" and "not need to know". Therefore, how can I convince them to bite the bullet, the first time?

Hi Venu,
it's hard for me to comment without knowing more details about what you actually offer.

I'm mind reading a bit in writing this but it seems you have some difficulty in demonstrating the value in what you offer ? I guess I'm getting that from the "not need to know" quote which is akin to the "no need" objection.

When you meet with the prospects what do you talk about ?

The specifications of what you offer or the benefits they will gain once they come on board ?

And are the benefits ones they have expressed in answers to questions you have asked earlier in the sales process ? Otherwise you are selling benefits that have no particular interest to them.

For example. If I walk into a car dealership to buy a sedan and the sales person just starts selling me on the power and the fuel economy and the luxurious interior of their latest model that's all well and good BUT I am buying a new car because my old one is not capable of towing the new caravan I just bought. My paramount interest is whether it is rated to tow 2 tonne.

Now this car sales person would have been much better off asking me questions about why I'm buying a new car and what I was after, wouldn't they ? Then they could sell the benefits I was in search of.

Hope this is some help, Greg

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