Nobody wants what I'm selling

(Gary Chambers)


I am struggling with sales at the moment, nobody seems to want what i am selling. I sell work wear to garages engineering companies ect.

Due to work wear not exactly being exciting and in our current econmoic climate (UK) customers are not cncerned with buying work wear probably because it is not high on the list or priorities and cost is not budgeted for.

Does anyone have any good tips to seel stuff that nobody wants at the moment?

Thanks Gary

Hi Gary,
it's all about motivation and value.
WIIFT = What's in it for THEM.
If by work wear you mean safety gear, well injury time and compensation insurance premiums should be plenty of motivation to get buyers interested.
If you are just selling some type of uniform I could understand that being a cost that would be cut in tough times. Maybe you could sell it on the basis of helping keep moral up. People in tough time s are worried about losing their job which can negatively affect their performance. New uniforms maybe give the impression they are there to stay and relieve their concerns.

Anyone else got any ideas.


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Apr 18, 2011
by: Gary Chambers

Thanks Greg
I will give your advise a go in my next appointment and let you know. By the way it is overalls and coveralls i sell, and also the cleaning of items aswell.

Thanks again

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