Negotiation Skills

by Emma

I would like to learn all the skills of effective negotiation.

Secondly, i would like to learn more about why people buy and how to handle objections


Hi Emma,

this is not really a site about negotiation.
The best tip I can give you about negotiation is "never give unless you get".
That is to say whenever you make a concession to the other party they must grant you one in return.

Another tip I can offer is that when there only two options it's easy to take sides.
Two options in a negotiation leads to polarity; you versus them.
If you create a lot of options it's less oppositional and more figuring out the puzzle together (almost a collaboration).

People buy to satisfy their own criteria.
To move towards a goal or away from a problem.
If you hook into what they want, in the way that they want, using language they relate to, you'll get very few objections.

For some detailed info on sales objections refer to my web page on Overcoming Sales Objections.
If you want even more info I have a product to sell on that topic.

Hope this helps, Greg

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