My Selling Voice

by Robert
(Tallahassee fl , United States)

How to slow down my speech .

Hi Robert,
I presume you either know the impact of your voice on building rapport or people have been telling you that you talk to fast ?

You should know that the speed at which people talk is related to the speed at which they think and process information. So, in terms of selling it probably indicates that you are good at thinking on your feet.

Problem is if other people talk (and think) slower than you it is hard for them to process what you are saying. Also, matching the speed of someones voice is a good rapport builder.

I'd like to be able to give you some magic pill to slow down how you talk but the simple answer is practice.

Here's an exercise I've done and also used in training people.

You need 3 people.
You site in the chair. (not the electric chair)
One person faces you, sitting down.
One person behind you standing up.
The person facing you holds a conversation with you.
The person behind signals the person sitting to talk faster or slower, louder or softer, higher or lower pitched. (keep it real, no Mickey Mouse voices)
Your job is to match the changes in the voice of the person opposite you.
After doing this for 5-10 minutes swap chairs (now you will be changing your voice according to directions from the standing person.

This exercise will tune your ears to how other people talk and increase your vocal flexibility.

No charge for the free sales coaching.

Hope it helps, Greg

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