by Karim

What's the selling process?, and What are the the required skills to be a sales man?

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Apr 23, 2016
Hope these comments help
by: Greg

Hi Karim,
I just noticed that you sent this submission through the day before the one I already answered.

Once again you're asking a big question.

The selling process is what happens from when you to talk to customer to when an action is agreed. Whether that is to say you cannot do business together awesome progress to the next step.

Typically there are various stages of this process. You Need to understand the clients wants and needs. Generally you do this by asking your questions. You then assess whether your product fits their requirements. Then you present your product in the way that they understand showing them it satisfies their requirements.

SPIN Selling is an example of how to do this.

In terms of the skills required to be a sales man I suggest you take a look at the page on my website entitled "Professional Selling Skills". The link to this page is on my homepage.

Regards Greg

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