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How to modify the telesales script when cold calling to make appointments during prospecting.

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Jul 26, 2018
Cold Calling Script
by: Greg

Hi Even,

a pity I didn't have more details about what you mean "exactly" when you say "cold calling".

When I worked in business to business sales and used to call prospects for the first time I would always do some research beforehand. Now that the internet and sites like LinkedIn have flourished this is even easier to do.

Doing the research shows respect and builds rapport (because according to an often missed part of SPIN Selling buyers hate to be asked questions they think you should already know ... it wastes their time).

Also, I'd often be promoting a new product when I "cold called" so I'd start from the smallest prospect and build my way up to the bigger ones. That way, by the time I got to talk to bigger prospects I knew the language of the market and what problems they faced. I sounded like an "expert".

Now, regardless of whether you are calling a business or a person, I can guarantee they all listen to the same personal channel ... WIIFM = What's in it for Me.

If you want an appointment with them WIIFT (T=Them) ... Really.

So, you are on the phone trying to get them to commit time you have to change your script to what's interesting and important to them. You don't do that by spitting out a lot of benefits of the product or worse still spitting out a lot of features of the product.

You need to ask them questions about THEIR situation.


You need to really know what problems your offering solves or what advantages it gives them.
I recommend you take a statement you make about what you offer and ask yourself the question, "So, what" and keep asking it till you really know how you benefit your prospects and customers.

Of course, if possible it's good to talk to users of what you sell and find out from them exactly how it helps them.

Hope this helps, Greg

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