Motivating Telesales People

by Mrs Maureen Thelland

Keen to find out more about how to motivate telesales people.

Hi Maureen,
not sure if I'm the best person to answer this question ?

There are only two ways to motivate people either by the carrot or by the stick.

Which one you use is not determined by whether you are a "good" person or not but by what the person responds to.

To optimize the carrot or stick you use it needs to be important to the person you want to motivate.

The best carrot for some people might be money. For others it might be praise. For others it might be time off to see a child at a school performance.

Likewise the best stick to use will vary from person to person.

Your task is to know what works best for your telesales people.

Hope this helps, Greg

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