Learn to listen to what client wants

by jackie
(south africa)

how to close a deal sooner and how to communicate with client so they understand you


Hi Jackie,

this is a major skill for a sales person.

we humans are learning machines and once we learn something we often assign that task to our unconscious mind.

For example we learn to drive a car consciously but after a while it is second nature, like breathing, and we can do it without conscious thought.

Our unconscious mind takes on board a strategy for generating an outcome.

This strategy can be likened to a computer program.

A simple task like lifting your arm to scratch your nose seems easy but it actually involves many muscles firing in the correct sequence very much like a complicated accounting function running on a computer.

Not only do we assign physical tasks to our unconscious but we also assign mental processes.

During our formative years we learn ways of making decisions and relating to people and these programs or strategies can stay with us for life. These are the the logical level type process that run in the background of how we think.

Then there are specific strategies we lern in our business life for achieving certain tasks, like placing an order.

So, each of your prospects would have mental processes running in the background while they run an evaluation / buying strategy on your offer . Even parts of that buying strategy may be unconscious to them (e.g. how they feel about you) .

If you can work out these processes and strategies they run it gives you a big advantage in communicating and selling to these prospects.

I am available for coaching on these skills.


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