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by Natalie Sloot
(Salt Lake City, Utah USA)

How to handle "What's it cost" before I have even had the opportunity to make eye contact with them.....

I am a lead generator that stands at a display in Costco for a local water company that contracts with Costco to supply water softeners, water filtration and water heaters to Costco customers. Like most products that Costco carries, my product in not the cheapest out there, but can handle the hard water where we live and has a superior warranty and service history. Therefore, almost guaranteeing Costco no hassles from their customers regarding their purchase.

My job is to schedule appointments for an interested customer to have a salesman come to their home, test their water and recommend a product as well as provide pricing for the product including install. My product is the "appointment".

The lead generators are intentionally not given pricing and given very generic information on our products. The difficulty I run into almost daily, is a person coming up to my display and asking "How much are they....what do they cost?"

I am told to say, "That is a good question. Are you in the market for a water softener? And proceed to tell them that I am there to schedule an appointment for a salesman to come to their home, provide a free water test (reg $125), answer any questions they may have and recommend an appropriate product as well as give them exact pricing, including install. Once again, they say, "Yeah, but what do they cost? Give me a ballpark?" Then I say, Unfortunately, I am not given any pricing because there are a lot of factors involved......I then suggest the appointment again.

Unfortunately, more often than not, customer's get angry that we can't provide them with any pricing and w tell me that that tells them that we can't be trusted and they don't want to schedule an appointment to have a "pushy" salesman come out to their house if they know they can't afford the product to begin with.

Sometimes, I am able to use "value" of being a Costco member and Costco's commitment to providing a quality product and commitment to customer satisfaction... to get them to schedule an appointment but not always and a lot of customer's walk away shaking their heads. Bottom line, I lost my "sale" and have disappointed managers when I don't meet my appointment goal.

Can you suggest a better way for me to handle that question? I am one of 20 lead generators and we all struggle with this questions.

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Jul 09, 2015
Angry replies
by: Anonymous

They are angry because you are offering the solution almost immediately.

Have a list of possible solutions and decide if they "qualify" for all that time your sales person must spend with them. Pre-qualify your prospects.

Also have suggestions for other in-store products because your task is to find them solutions.

Aug 05, 2014
Lead Generator
by: Anonymous

Thanks Greg! I really appreciate your time and feeback. It makes me feel I am on the right path and asking better questions about why they actually stopped is always the right thing to do before explaining why I can't give pricing. Always something to learn and get better at in sales!

Aug 04, 2014
by: JOSE

If I were you, I would ask the customer what made him approach you. Does he have a water problem? Of what kind?, What is the cost of having to deal with these problems? What has he done so far to fix them? How much has he spent? - If he is interested is because he does have a problem - This are the situation questions usually asked when using the SPIN system -. The answers may give you a good lead of the kind of services or products your customers may need. Then you can provide general information of what your company can do to solve the problems, assuring him that a specialist (your sales people) will be able to offer the perfect solution up to his budget. If you mention a satisfied customer, thay may also help.

Aug 03, 2014
by: Greg

Hi Natalie,

I think you are doing pretty well.

Any advice I give should be tempered by the fact that I am not there and fae-to-face with these people and a lot of selling is dealing with what is in front of you.

Part of selling is qualifying your buyer and without some idea of price you can never know if the buyer can afford your product.

I think it a very valid comment you make..."I am not given any pricing because there are a lot of factors involved" So...

A response along the lines of ..."I'd love to give you a price, problem is I don't know how the system needs to be installed at your home and what specific water problems you are dealing with (bear in mind I do not know your products at all so I'm waffling a bit here) so I'd be very reluctant to lead you astray by offering any sort of quote, that would not be being fair to you would it ? ... it does seem to me you are interested in the quality of the water you drink and yes I appreciate some of our installations may be relatively expensive compared to doing nothing (or mention a cheap competitor) although I wonder what is the price to your health of drinking water that is not pure and etc( advantages of your product) ... what is your health worth ?
Honestly I can't say how pushy our sales people may be... that will depend on the salesperson you meet with and what you perceive as pushy, however I can say that the appointment will only cost you some time and will enlighten you about the quality of the water you are drinking, after you have that information you can make an informed judgement on how much you are prepared to spend on the quality of the water you drink."

I think something to keep in your mind is that you are there to help them NOT to get an appointment. That way you can always feel good about what you are doing and less rejected hen some people walk away ( and some people always will walk away).

The format of part of what I have said above is along the lines of "I appreciate ... and I was wondering...."

I have also looked to turn around the cost of your product and focus them on the COST to their health of not drinking Good water.

Let's face it if you needed brain surgery would you shop around and get the cheapest surgeon ? Would a surgeon quote before a diagnosis (or would a mechanic for that matter) ?

Anyway, I hope my comments give you some ideas to work with.

All the best,

Regards Greg
The AussieSalesGuy

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