Insecure Selling

by Brian

When you know the product you are selling but, you are insecure with your self or your job when asking for the money. How can you turn around negative sales performance?

Hi Brian,
a couple of things here.

The issue of competence versus confidence. It's one thing to be confident but you need competence for that to work for you. So, given that you know your product how practiced are you at selling ?

I mean, do you do role plays with your colleagues ? Do you practice in front of a mirror. Do you write out sales language patterns for 15 minutes every day to embed them into your brain.

If you do all of those things and it's just a confidence issue ask yourself this question. When the teenage check out girl at K-Mart reads the bar code on your purchase does she hesitate, feel nervous ? Or does she just say, "cash or credit, sir".

I always operated from the frame that I was there to help. It's hard to feel nervous when all you want to do is help.

Take the focus off yourself and just concentrate on helping your prospects. remember the word sales come from the Norwegian word "selje" which translates into "to serve".

Be of service to your prospects. Concentrate on them. Practice your craft and the insecurity will vanish.

Good luck, Greg

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