Improve Sales

by tanveer ahmed

how to improve sales and develop market

Hi Tanveer,
how to improve sales will depend on where you are at in terms of your development as a sales person.

Do you know your product or service well ? Do you know it in terms of benefits for the end user ?

Are you selling with the best interests of the prospect in your mind ?

Can you build sales rapport
with your prospects ?

Can you manage the fear of selling face-to-face and handling rejection ? Often it helps if you know the main objections to your offering and know about Overcoming Sales Objections.

Are you enthusiastic when you talk to prospects ? Are you convinced that what you offer is a good product or service ?

When you walk in their door have you prepared by learning about them or their company ?

Do you ask questions and focus on their wants during the meeting ?

If you've got all that the next step is really learning about understanding peoples needs and language better so you can tailor how you communicate to fit your prospect.

That is the basis of influence and persuasion in selling.

Hope this helps,, Greg

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