Improve My Sales Techniques.

by Sean Brimlow

I have had the same sales techniques for years and although i am rather successful i could be better.

I need to relook at my techniques and learn new ones and adapt a different approach

Hi Sean,
not really sure I can answer this without knowing what you know and already do.

From the fact that you are doing OK, I'd guess that you are into the basics: preparing for your sales calls, thoroughly learning about your products, focusing on the prospect including having their best interests at heart, listening, selling benefits rather than features, asking questions, building rapport and handle objections reasonably well.

I like the way you say, "adapt a different approach", rather than adopt . I hope you mean that because you don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You are doing some things well, maybe it's just a matter of refining a few of them ?

To go to the next level it's usually a matter of learning to build stronger rapport, asking better (more targeted questions), really uncovering your prospect's buying criteria, learning how to read and use your client's thinking and buying patterns, controlling your prospect's state and becoming a master at handling objections (even though you'll get less of them).

If you are interested I am available for sales coaching.

Hope this helps, Greg

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