I am a Sales Consultant, not a Sales Man

by Tom

Unfortunately it seems are stuck in 70/80s selling. There are many Carnegie, Tracey, Covey principles that are still apt. The vast majority of this is manipulative and though may work in a boiler room/hardsell transactional sale has zero clout today. Buyers are simply too smart.

SPIN selling? Couldn't be further away, time to visit the drawing board me thinks

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Jul 25, 2018
SPIN is most effective in B2B sales
by: Greg

Hi Jose,

SPIN is most effective in B2B big ticket item sales.

SPIN works on nuances and gaining small commitments. Big sales have a long lead time and gaining small commitments keeps things moving forward.

Another thing that SPIN does is that it develops the Implications of the problem Even professional buyers may recognise there is a problem but not understand all the ramifications of that problem Often, people cannot see the forest for the trees.

May 24, 2017
On S.P.I.N. selling techniques.
by: José Bordoy

I am not sure if customers are smarter now than they used to be some time ago, but yes, they have a lot more information in general.
However there are still a lot of customers that still have to be told what they need, simply because they don´t know it. That is the case of personal insurance. A lot of people never stop to think, and of course never realize the kind of risk they are living in, because that is not the kind of things people usually think of. So, without being manipulative, a S.P.I.N. approach works really well in this kind of situations in which the prospect is not a professional buyer and yet, it is important that they recognize that they really need something they don´t have. Handling professional buyers, however, might be another story, and SPIN may not be as effective, but knowing the principle will never hurt.

Apr 26, 2017
Tell me More
by: Greg

Hi Tom,
interested in your thoughts.
Are you saying SPIN Selling is dead ?
Tell me more.

BTW your title would have infuriated a guy that managed the first ever business I worked for ... JJ ran a business with sales of about $1.5 billion but attended every sales conference of every business unit ... he would skin us alive if we put "Account Executive" or "Sales Consultant" on our business card. ... whenever he walked into our office he'd pick out a salesman and in his "James Earl Jones" like voice say "what have YOU sold today" ... and you know what I also remember about him ? When my children were born I got a hand written note of congratulations from him. Not emailed ...hand written. Image I young salesman in his twenties getting a handwritten note from someone who runs a billion dollar business.

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