How to work in a large organisation as a salesperson

How to convince the customer to decide when they plan.
To better understand when I lose sales.
Be a prefered partner for the customer.


your title is about how to work in a large organisation as a salesperson.

Well, it's not too different to working in a smaller one, depending on how big a team you work with. Generally a bigger company has been around longer and built up more systems and rules. So, it's a matter of working within or around those rules and every sales person has to do that. In bigger companies you can be a little less visible and that's good when you make a mistake but not so good when you are "kicking butt" with your sales. If you are doing the latter you need to promote yourself well.

You ask "how to convince the customer to decide ".
That is done by showing the value you offer SPECIFICALLY for THAT customer. NOT the value you offer everyone, the value you offer THEM.
Secondly, this process is made much easier when you know how they make decisions. And I cover that in my book "7 Steps to Responsive Customers".

You want to "better understand when I lose sales".
Well you need to ask prospects. After the sales is over contact them and politely ask what you did wrong, what were they concerned about, what was better about the successful offer.
You should also be reviewing your performance after every sales call. Assessing what went well, how did you feel about certain parts of the meeting. Awareness is the first part of change.

Finally, you ask about being "the preferred partner" for a company.
That means being a resource for that company. So that they'd call you for advice etc. For that to happen they need to trust your motives and your competence. Know your product, know your market, keep your word, know what your customer wants and work to help the customer.

Hope that helps, Greg

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