How to Persuade

by shikhar

i would like to persuade and gain trust.


Hi Shikhar,

you need to get the in the right order first.

That is to say the first thing to do is to gain trust. To do that you first need to gain sales rapport. After that you need to make promises and keep them to build up that level of trust with your prospects. (I am presuming you are going to see them more than once).

The best way to be persuasive is to talk about what's important to your prospect. Always focus on them. If you have nothing of interest to them, leave them alone.

If you do have something of interest to them learn how to talk your prospect's language. The simplest way to do that is to "parrot-phrase" rather than trying to "paraphrase". That is to say use THEIR words and not try to interpret what they are saying. By all means ask questions so that you understand what they mean but many of the phrases they use are important to them.

Take a look at the free articles on this site. Look for the one on criteria and another on needs versus wants.

Hope this helps, Greg

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