How to handle bully buyers objections

by George
(Cebu, Philippines)

I'd like to know how my sales team can improve their handling objection skills. I randomly joined my sales staff in their fieldwork and I was shocked to find out how they were literally eaten during the negotiation with bully business owners. Im currently in a pharmaceutical industry and our business is B2B transaction.

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Jul 25, 2019

by: Greg

Hi George,

before I get into the handling objections part I'd be questioning why they are getting so many objections to start with?
What have they not covered earlier in the sales call?
Have they established value?
Have they uncovered the buyers wants?

Now, the handling objections part.
There is no doubt that "practice makes perfect".
"When the going gets tough, you get what you practice"
So, your reps are getting these objections ... what are they doing about it ... how are they learning to do better next time?
If they are not, that probably tells you some things about them.

So, if they are not going to learn ... you are going to have to set it up so they do learn.

I'd call a meeting, maybe Friday afternoon would be a good day or Monday morning.
I'd have each salesperson arrive with a list of the objections they got in the previous 7 days
I'd put the objections up on a board and check if some are similar and cull the numbers.
With the objections remaining I would get the group to work through responses to each objection and practice delivering the responses out loud.
A role play could be good. Maybe you could play the buyer?
You could then coach them how to respond better.

May I suggest you take a look at my book "Overcoming Sales Objections" ... in part 4 of that book there is a section on Reframing and in that section there is a process for coming up with responses to objections.
The beauty of this approach is that your reps will learn a framework for coming up with responses.
And after they have been through the process a number of times they'll start automatically (and unconsciously) coming up with responses "on the fly".

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