How to be a sales

by Janpen POOSAWAS

I would like to know how to sell , how can i get through the customer , and i can be a good sales woman as i never well anything before in my live... i want to do it.


Hi Janpen.

your desire is good.
It can be a problem if you focus on making the sale.

You also seem to be lacking some confidence.

A tip to help with both.
Focus on helping people, not on making money or being a good salesperson. Just focus on doing what you can to help people and the sales will come.

To help people you've got to know what people want. You've got to listen to what they say. You've got to help them understand what they want and need.

Work on improving your communication skills. Work on listening to people. Work on understanding people and how to best communicate with them.

Plenty of articles on my site to help.

Good luck, Greg

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