Girl Scout Selling Cookies

What can a professional salesperson learn from a girl scout selling cookies?

Seemingly, a lot.

If I can quote from Jeffrey Gitomer who wrote this story about a 7 year old selling him some cookies ..

"So, what does this 7 year old kid have to do with your sales success? Everything. She’s doing all the things you’re supposed to do and only using one technique to sell: when she asks her closing question,
“Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” she shuts up until the prospect speaks no matter how long it takes. WOW.

On the innocent, non technique side – she’s straight forward, sincere, positive, believes in her product, believes in herself, and she’s friendly. And she’s doing it without prejudging the outcome. She thinks she will be successful and what do you know she is!"

I know that many salespeople, especially those new to selling, experience a lot of anxiety when it's time to ask for the order. Plainly, this 7 year old experienced no such anxiety.
And let me ask you. 
When you go to the supermarket and purchase groceries does the check-out person break out in a cold sweat or hesitate before asking, " Is that cash or credit?"

Additional lessons from this story.

This 7 year old when asking people to buy cookies shows them a list of 150 people who already said yes. Using Social validation to help promote her sales.
This is one of the Principles of Influence written about by Dr Robert Cialdini.

Also, this young girl doesn’t take “no” for an answer very easily.

“If the doorbell hasn’t been answered by the count of thirteen,” she explains logically, “I bang on the door until I count to thirty.”
Remember, that most sales are made after the 5th "No"
This 7 year old has fire and enthusiasm when she introduces herself and asks the closing question.
She has an 85% closing ratio.

This girl sold Jeffrey four boxes, then called him two hours later to tell him he didn’t buy enough. She talked him into four more boxes. That's follow up !

To read Jeffrey's full article including his list of life lessons click the link below
Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?