Get in front of more prospects

by Edward Vaughan

I would like to know how to get in front of more prospects

Hi Edward,
getting in front of more prospects can be about being organised so you see more people in a day or about making appointments. I'm assuming you are referring to the latter.

Making appointments is about following a system of prospecting and setting aside a dedictade time to follow it each week. After all, what you focus on expands.

If you are allocating the time maybe you are not using the best system ? Are you cold calling ? If you are how do you approach it ? Are you asking for an appointment because YOU are in the area OR are you focusing on what could be of benefit to your prospect ?

There are other ways of prospecting by the way. Maybe you'd like to take a look at the book, "Never Cold Call Again" by Frank Rambuskus ?

I'd also like to add that there were salespeople in my prevous company that saw a lot more prospects than I did, BUT none that made more sales than I did.

My focus was on respecting my prospects time and being ultra prepared when I walked in their door to meet them. Sometimes this flew in the face of accepted wisdom. I would often call for an appointment and end up in a lengthy, enthusiastic, discussion about the product and end up sending a sample to the technical people for evaluation.

Keep an open mind. It's not always about "turn more, earn more"

Hope these comments help, Greg

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