Generate Sales Leads

by Gary

How can I generate more effective leads?
We are using targeted mailouts, with envelopes hand written to ensure they get to the person they are designed for. These have had a reasonable result. But how can we generate more leads?

First of all Gary let me say that this is not my strongest trait as a salesperson.

In reading your above response I notice that you have only mentioned mailouts. I would think that there must be other methods you can employ to generate leads ?

Unfortunately, I do not know your exact industry but what about networking events like Chamber of Commerce or Trade Shows for generating leads ? Is there a possibility of promoting a free course relating to your product/service ? I have know of people running an event entitled "How to Recognise and Pick Quality Furniture" to help boost sales in their furniture outlet.

Any chance you can use the Internet ? Set up a site /blog with the right keywords and Domain name and offer some free valuable information in return for their email address and send out something like your mailout but as an email.

Hope this has given you some ideas, Greg

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