Future Sales will be Totally Different

by John Patrick

I've got a different spin, in that I don't think a sales person of the future will look the same at all.

The basic sales foundation of transferring one's belief to the "buyer" could be the same, but when you think of the advancements made in just the past 10 years, it's not unreasonable to think that the entire system of commerce, as we know it, could be digital (Web 687.3) and our world economy be based on a high tech bartering system.

I'm going to leave my great-great-grandchildren a note to see how close I am.

My Comment

Hi John,

when you say the entire system of commerce are you including sales meetings ?

I mean are you hinting that all meetings will be virtual rather than face to face ? That would sure change things for salespeople !

Regards Greg

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