by angela gibson
(cincinnati, oh)

I am uncomfortable with following up for the sale, I feel like I'm bothering people. What should I do?


Hi Angela,
that is not an uncommon feeling and one that i have experienced myself.

What helped me was that my motivation to sell was to help the people I was selling to. If I could offer no help I'd get out of their way. So, if my product was going to help them I felt honour bound to follow up and that outweighed my concern about bothering people.

Remember the word sell is derived from the Norwegian word SELJE which literally means "to serve". If you have a product or service that can help your prospect you are not serving them if you give up when you feel uncomfortable.

Another angle with this is that when I gave a prospect a sample to evaluate i would always ask them when they wanted me to contact them again to assess their test results. So, when I was contacting them I would know and often say "this is when you told me to contact you". They'd explain why they had no results yet and often they'd be feeling guilty because they had promised to test the product. Often I'd just then ask for the next date they wanted me to contact them. I guess in this respect I was just helping them get over their own procrastination by applying Cialdini's principle of Commitment and Consistency.

Not sure this is the whole story. If someone out there has any other ideas I'd be pleased to read them

Hope this was of some help,
Regards Greg

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Apr 20, 2011
followup breeds exchange appeal
by: Dr.modathir

What I am dam sure about is that follow up is not just a service it is the only way that your business could stay in the market for ever, why;
1] Keeps an eye on competitors move, as we can figure it out from customer response.
2] solve the objections as soon as they appear
3] Qualifying the prospects & maintaining & retaining the clients
4] Designing the proper viable fit

That is why it deserves taking pains & efforts to maintain proper follow up.

Regarding the way & strategies that could help making follow-up simple & joyful, I suggest;
1] Make your prospect longing for your next visits.
2] Let your prospect expecting something new the next time you come
3] Come with something new every time you visits your customers
4] Be a reference & experts for your clients.
5] Hide the selling smell that comes out from every visit you make, let your prospects feel that you are coming for his sake not yours.
6] finally, & most important, enjoy what you do, love your customers, think how to bring the excitement & smile to his face, that alone would create a sense of exchange inside him that would let him trying finding the way & means to return you back the best response & feedback.

(Now here is someone enthusiastic about selling - love it !)

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