Finding the Buyer

by Unknown

I would like to know how better ask for the buying person at a business.


interesting that you are wanting to find the buying person.

I guess it depends on what you are selling but you may not necessarily be after the buyer.

I sold a lot of specialty chemicals over a number of years and often started my quest at a company with the production manager or technical director.

Often buyers only buy what someone else in the company tells them to buy.

The person (or committee) you need to find is the one that is specifying what is bought.

I often found an ally (or made one) of the person at reception in a big company, especially if they had been there for a number of years. I would simply ask "who is the person responsible for X ?" When I got a name I would qualify it and confirm they actually made the decisions.

Many sales trainers also suggest going to the top. The boss will soon tell you who is in charge of X. The boss will be a lot harder to get to than a savvy receptionist though.


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