Effective Selling Process

by Anant Prakash
(Mumbai, India)

I would like to know how to improve the entire sales process.


Hi Anant,
there are many things that one can do to sell more effectively.
You can follow approaches like SPIN Selling or Question Based Selling etc.

However, the thing I noticed over many years of doing calls with other sales people is that almost all of them fail to notice buying signals and critical things a prospect says.

I don't know why. My guess is that they are so focused on what they have to say that they fail to pay attention to the prospect.

The most effective selling process is to listen more than you you speak (you have two ears and one mouth). If you are to be listening they have to be talking and that means you need to have rapport with them and ask questions. It's also important to listen with your eyes and notice when you get a reaction from them.

Just, DO THAT, and your selling process will improve dramatically.

The next step is to listen so well that you start to understand the prospect as a person. What is REALLY important to them and HOW THEY COMMUNICATE (how they structure their thoughts). When you can do that your selling will be extremely effective.

Hope that helps, Greg

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