Director of Sales

Provide an environment to promote continual positive motivation for the salespeople.

remember I am a salesman not a manager but here's my few cents worth:

In the old book " The One Minute Manager" there was a quote, "catch people doing something right". Spot what your people do well and praise them for it. Sincere praise is rare, usually appreciated and often motivating.

Also, when you expect more of people they often start to expect more of themselves. How any times have you seen a lazy guy or one with a bad attitude totally change after they get involved with a woman, one who believed in them ?

"Continual positive motivation" ? Hmmm ? I'll tell you what's demotivating, a sales contest with a peg board showing the sales revenue of each sales person. That only motivtes the person at #2 and maybe the person at #1.

People are motivated to continually improve, no one likes going backwards. Also, people are motivated for their own reasons, unique to them. To keep people continually motivated link the company goals to their personal goals. And focus them on competing with themselves, getting better and better every week.

Hope this helps, Greg

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