Customer Service Officer - Loans

by tahmina

How do I approach a customer for selling loans of a bank ?
How to influence the customers to take a loan from me?
How to be an unique seller with unique techniques?

Hi Tahmina,
you almost answer your own questions with your last question.

To be a unique seller with a unique approach you have to tune in to your unique CUSTOMER.

That means you have to get to know them. If you focus on satifsying their wants and meeting their needs it's a good start.

Then you need to have some questions that probe what's really important to your prospect and how they communicate. Then you can offer what they want in a language they understand. Your approach will be unique BECAUSE it's based on their wants and perceptions and in their language.

When you can sell like this it's beautiful.

You make like to take a look at responsive customers for some help.

All the best, Greg

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