Creating Urgency to Buy

How to create urgency ?



Urgency is an interesting word.
Why do they have to be urgent to buy it ?
Maybe YOU are the one who is urgent for them to buy ?

I can't honestly say that I ever tried to create urgency to buy in a prospect.
I was much more interested in establishing certainty.
Certainty that the product would work for them and provide benefit.

There were times when I got a prospect or customer to place an order NOW rather than delay.
Those scenarios were along the lines on the following.

Prospect had tested my product. Worked well. Looking to place first order. Called me.
"I am thinking I'll place an order in 4 - 6 weeks."
My response, "Great, does it matter if you get the material a bit later than that ?
"What do you mean"
Me, "Well we may not have stock"
"You told me this was a line you stock"
Me, " It is. We currently have 5 units on the floor AND we have 10 customers who buy it, none of whom give me projected use rates. So that stock might last a year or it might be gone tomorrow. I honestly don't know."
"OK, then I'd better place an order?"
Me, " Yes, well why not place an order now for a delivery next month"
Deal done.

The above was an example of applying Cialdini's principle of Scarcity.
And by the way, my comments were REAL, not made up.

Hope this helps, Greg

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