Creating Interest on a Sales Call

by Reny

How to create interest is the most difficult thing in selling.
Could you give me tips on create interest?

OK to be specific we are talking interest which comes before desire.

To get someones interest you have to be talking about WIIFT = What's in it for THEM.

To know WIIFT you need to know a bit about their business and/or their situation. That's why you have to ask questions at the beginning of a sales meeting.

One of the tricks is NOT to interrogate them and that is accomplished by using softeners (like in the Agreement Frame) and by establishing Rapport so they'll be open to talking to you.

Finally, as you start to present your offer, making sure you present benefits and not features, you need to be talking in language THEY UNDERSTAND and relate to. You find that out during the questioning phase by asking some subtle questions or just paying close attention to what they say. You may want to take a look at some of the Free Articles on my site: Articles numbers 4, 7 15 and 43.

Hope this helps, Greg

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