Corruption and sales ...

by Anil Gaikwad
(Mumbai , Maharashtra , India)

I have been trying to SPIN Sell my products but have failed to a large extent.

I prepare my sales calls one or two weeks in advance,
then would study the client by visiting thier web site and then try asking them questions and what is the possibility.

But the corporate are corrupt and have a underhand dealing with the other agent or the current vendor.

How do I overcome this situation, SPIN selling will not help.

I dont know how to bribe them also?

Hi Anil,
no value judgement from me here but personally I would not bribe anyone for business. It's just not me. Don't lie either, my reputation in the industry was too important to risk by getting caught out in a lie.

How do you know there is "corruption" ?

I used to hear that a lot from sales people and only ever had it proved once (and the salesperson concerned never complained about the corruption, i.e. he was still getting orders without bribing the client) whereas I had it disproved on MANY occasions.

Maybe have a talk to some other people who sell to these corporates (non competing items), those that sell to them successfully and those that have not yet found a way to sell to them.

During these conversations you may find they are corrupt or you may find a way to sell to them ?

In my experience it's usually a clash of personalities (rep needs to learn to build sales rapport) or the rep is missing something about the company.

Hope this helps, Greg

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