Convince Unwilling Buyer

by Mister

Learning how to convince unwilling buyer to buy.

Interesting, depends on what you mean by unwilling ?

I am totally against selling anybody something they have to need for.

Assuming your buyer has a need for what you offer there are only a few things that stop them from buying: no time, no money, it wont work for me, I don't believe you, no urgency.

You handle "I don't believe you" by building trust and sales rapport

You do not really want to sell to anyone who doesn't really have the money, although you may be able to implement a payment plan to help someone buy something over time.

Time and price objections are often handled by reframing which is covered extensively in my book
Overcoming Sales Objections

NO urgency (procrastination) and "it wont work for me" are related to how well you build the value of what you offering. Did you take the time to find out what BENEFITS the product gives to the person in front of you or did you just talk about general benefits that anyone MAY get. If a person perceives great personal value in something their purchase is almost assured.

Hope these comments help, GReg

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