Closing Techniques

by peter

I really want to know about Closing techniques.


Hi Peter,

many sales people think the answer is in better closing techniques.
It rarely is.

I presume one of two things is happening, either:
you feel very nervous or uneasy when it's time to close
when you close you are getting flat out "NO", or lots of objections raised.

In either case the most likely cause is that you are trying to close too soon.
Notwithstanding you need to be reading the signals your prospect is sending you.
That is to say, you close when they are ready to buy.

Let me ask you a question.
When you go to buy something at K-Mart or Walmart does the check out person get all nervous and flustered and fumble about what to say ?
No, they usually say something like "will that be cash or credit sir"
Why, because you are standing in front of them with the object you selected and are ready to buy.

You close when your prospect is ready to buy.
If they are not ready, (you can test this with a trial close), you either keep conversing with them or walk away.

A Trial close can be something as simple as, "how does this product look to you", or "do you like the sound of this offer" or "how do you feel about what we have gone over so far"

So, to summarize, don't be in a rush to close. Watch for the signals that they are ready to buy.

Hope this helps, Greg

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