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When my customer will be ready to close the deal?



when will your customer be ready ?

Interesting question because many sales people I have sat in calls with have absolutely no idea. The prospect is ready to discuss the details of ordering and they are still rabbiting on about product features and benefits.

There are signals. Not sure I can list them all, it's more about staying alert and noticing when things change in your prospects behaviour.

I'll give you a few hints though.

Often at the start of a sales call, you (the seller) ask a lot of questions (or at least you should).
You seek to qualify the buyer and determine their need and the potential value of your offer (to them).

Now, if the prospect starts asking questions that's a sign that they want more information, they are interested enough to want to know more.

The type of questions they ask will give you an idea of the level of interest.
If they start asking about delivery times and what size pallet it comes on (they are actually thinking about putting in their warehouse).
If they ask what colour the car is available in and what's the delivery time they are actively considering a purchase, yes ?

There are other ques too.
If they suddenly learn forward at their desk when they start asking you their questions they are actively involved in the sales/buying process.

If they pick up your brochure and start looking through it, especially if they then keep the brochure in their hand and don't put it down. That's a sign of ownership.

If they put their phone on "hold" or "Do Not Disturb", good signs.

If they want to bring someone else into the meeting, like their technical manager, that's a good sign. They think it's valuable but they want someone who is sure.

There are thousands of cues, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open.

Hope this helps, Greg

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