Change Conversations to Sell

by Danne

I would like to know how to change my own comversational patterns, how do you always remebmer to speak slowly, with passion etc?


Hi Danne,

changing your conversational patterns is a useful sales tool and let's get something clear first.

It seems like you have the idea thsat you need to speak slowly and with passion ?
Not sure where you got that from.
You speak at a speed similar to the person you are meeting with.
Too slow and you bore them, too fast and you blow them away.

How much passion you speak with is also dependent upon your prospect as well.
If you sound too enthusiastic to some people they'll doubt your sincerity.

OK, you need to become adept at changing your conversational mpatterns.
You do that by PRACTICE.
Start with your friends or people you bump into in a coffee shop etc.
After you match the speed of their speech then listen closely to their words.
DO NOT paraphrase what they say, instead PARROT PHRASE what they say.
Repeat their important words exactly.
For example, if a prospect says he wants, "state of the art technology"
You respond with "yes, many of our products are state of the art" ...
DO NOT respond with our products are all "newly developed" because that's not the same thing as state of the art.

Hope this helps, Greg

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