by D.C.
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Your system is excellent and is in the same strata as the David Sandler Selling System--with his powerful 4-step program.



ps. Not to go on a rant, but your story herein about "Just a Woman" most likely missed a significant fact. Her "success" at the inbound call center, in dealing with irate female customers, from a management position, was because she too had been promoted somehow, not because of her talent, knowledge, real experience, education, etc., but because she was a woman (perhaps she had been a waitress had done a good job of serving and was then hired by a former manager/officer as a mail room clerk, secretary or whatever and over time, attrition and craft she was allowed up).

The irate callers, for the most part were unsuited and had also been wrongly promoted and thus the two could better relate to each other--at their minimalist levels. I have seen this unfortunate "culture" continue in too many companies that I have worked with as a management consultant. And, in each case, the CEOs have been responsible for this miss promotion and allowing it to continue--to the chagrin of their employees, customers and vendors. They avoid the subject and excuse the lacking behavior as, "Peggy is in charge..."

Well, this may get some reaction from your distaff viewers.

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