Capturing Prospect's Attention

by William Kelliher - Account Executive

Hi Greg,
Capturing the decision makers attention quickly, either, by phone Voicemail and E -mail


Hi William,

yes capturing the attention of decision makers quickly is important. Noted sales trainer Geoffrey Gitomer talks and writes about being original and not leaving boring messages. And that is important, you have to stand out from the crowd.

I also believe that RELEVANCY is also critical.

It's the old WIIFT (whats in it for them) principle. Prospects are not interested in your company or whether it's the biggest supplier in the USA or whether you have just built a new state-of -the-art facility. They are interested in how you are going to make their business easier to run or reduce their expenses or gain them market share or get them into a new market. ( All of which makes them a more profitable company and /or a better place to work - remember we all went into business for fun and profit).

So, be relevant, be yourself and don't be boring.

Hope this helps, Greg

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