Can we Reschedule

by Jeff

Here is my question: Always busy.

Jeff- I’m hammered through Christmas. Can we reschedule?

Definite appointment set the previous week. Original appointment setup for about 15 to 20 minutes to re-engage the relationship. Have met with the prospect before. He is the broker owner of a small local real estate shop.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Jeff,
a couple of conflicting things going through my mind about this.

The person may be "hammered" and it MAY make sense to reschedule to the earliest appointment you can make in the New Year.

However, if you really want to see them you may like to use a tactic a got from Frank Bettger's book.

I had a guy I just had to catch up with and he was always busy. So, I called him one day and said.

"Do you own a car ?"
"yes" - ( he responded in a puzzled tone)
"Do you drive your car to work?"
"yes" (still puzzled) -- where is this going ?
"Well, how about I hop in the car with you when you drive home tomorrow afternoon and we can have our meeting while you drive. When you get home I'll just catch a cab back to my car."
He responded,
"hey, if it means that much I'll schedule you in for 20 mins on.."

And I THINK most people will do that because their car is like their private space and they do not want you to see their home ?

Of course, you could also explore the angle that they'll be busy in the New Year and maybe it's better to fit in as much as they can now.

In any case, I do not have a definitive answer but maybe these comments have helped.


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Jul 25, 2018
It's not you
by: Greg

Yes Modathir,
maybe it's just not the right time and even if you set up a good time during your first conversation their circumstances might change

Dec 14, 2010
The right set of circumstances
by: Modathir, B.pharm., MBA, Sudan

First of all we should not panic or be in hest
then, if he is the right match, & time has really came for striking an appointment... then I think what went wrong must be at finding the right timing & place factors, supposing that your approach was clean & sound.

Refrainment of the prospect away from the seller, must not necessarily be due to his disliking or lack of need, but could be due to selecting the wrong set of circumstances (time & Place)
For example; suppose a beautiful lady is longing for your meeting, & it happened that you all of sudden met on public place while she was running to catch up with an important meeting... you started asking if she can have a glass of juice with you, now & here only, definitely she would say ?ohoo let us find another time.?

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