ByPass Resistance

by Sharin

How to bypass resistance without detection?


Hi Sharin,
I'm not sure your comment is the right kind of thinking to help you generate more sales ?

It's not about conning prospects subtly without detection.
It is about helping people get what they want and need.

You do that by developing rapport with them, not only to be more influential but to understand them better. You learn how they speak and think so you can match their language not to manipulate them to buy as much as to get your message across to them in a manner that they best understand. That way they can make an educated decision to buy, or not.

If they value what you are offering it will deal with their procrastination and reduce their resistance.
They will value it because:
they have understood what you said,
you have related it to them
you understand them
and they trust you.

Hope these comments help, Greg

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