Build trust & confidence while Selling

I want to be able to talk confidently & I want the ability to gather information



building trust starts with building sales rapport
and having your prospect's best interest at heart.

Confidence (of the prospect in you) depends upon their having confidence in your motives (to help them) and your ability (to deliver what you say)
The first part is covered by rapport and your attitude.
The second part about your ability is about knowing your product and knowing it well, as well as knowing your opposition.
Don't just know the feature but know the specific benefits your product / service brings to the equation.

Then of course, for them to know you can deliver you need to do just that.
Promise to call them back and then actually DO IT.
Promise to deliver a sample and then DO IT.
It helps with some people to bring on your witnesses (existing clients happy with your service)

You mention, talk confidently, well knowing your product well and having altruistic motives helps with this as well.

Finally, gathering information is about having an inquisitive attitude.

I used to ask lots and lots of questions.
In fact, I kept asking questions till I got it.
Meaning, what they did, how they did it, what were their problems, what were their goals and opportunities.
When I got all that I was in a position to put forward my offer for them to decide if there was sufficient benefit for them to proceed.

Hope this helps, Greg

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