Build Rapport

by Sales Executive

Build a rapport.


yes building rapport is a valuable thing to do.

Some tend to underplay how important that is. In SPIN Selling they say that most of your calls in a big sales scenario are made to existing customers so building rapport is not necessary.

I disagree. Just because you are selling to the same customer doesn't mean you are selling to the same group of people. People change positions, different products fit into different areas of the business. People leave companies and are replaced.

It has also been suggested that busy business people (especially top executives) do not have time to chit chat while you build rapport with them. Probably true, but who says you have to chit chat to build rapport ?

Rapport can be built totally unconsciously with the prospect. You don't have to chat about the golf trophy on their side table or the picture of their children on their desk.

To find out how to do that take a look at sales rapport. This is a product I sell to help you build rapport.

Hope this helps, Greg

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