building an effective, responsible, & productive sales team



I can do no better than to quote someone I know, Patrick Merlevede has the following mantra, which you can read on his website JobEQ.

He states
"Hire for Attitude, Train for Competence, Coach to Evolve, Manage to Retain"

You need to know what are the attitudes you are looking for, what attitudes make a good sales person.

What are the skills a sales person requires, have you benchmarked those skills ? Once you've done that how do you best train those skills ?

Coach the team. Set goals with them, monitor their progress, be a cheerleader for them, hold them accountable to their own standards.

I'll leave the retain bit up to you.

If you want them to be effective, responsible and productive YOU need to model those traits by being an effective, responsible and productive manager.

Hope this helps, Greg

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