Best Sales Closing Skills

by evelyn natalie
(kampala ug)

i'd like to know what the best closing skills would be in sales


OK, closing is the aim but really only the icing on the cake. That is to say it is only possible if the things before it are done well. But, I guess I've harped on that many times already.

When it comes time to close it can often just be a case of asking for the order. However, when you need to put it all together, as you close:
make sure you are referring to their major buying criteria
fire off the anchors you have set earlier in the call
offer your product in the format of their buying strategy
close based on a sequence if they are procedural OR
close based on values if they are options oriented.

For details about these techniques you'll have to read through some of the free articles on my website.

Hope this helps, Greg

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