Anxiety During a Sale

by Tina

Control anxiety during a sale


Hi Tina,
anxiety is usually caused by thinking about something undesirable that is going to happen in the future.

So, the question becomes what exactly is this negative thing you think is going to (or might) happen.

I can't know this without talking to you directly but I can make a few possible guesses.

You may be concerned about the prospect asking questions you cannot answer. Possible solutions: either learn more about your product or service or be honest with the prospect, tell them you don't know, promise to get the information AND then GET THEM THE INFORMATION. That alone will set you apart from most other salespeople.

You may be concerned about rejection. You may be asked to leave their office or they may hang up on you. Understand that is not about you. That is about a busy person who has not seen the benefit to them in what you offer. Since the word sales come from the Norwegian word "selje" meaning "to serve" if you cannot offer service you do not want to be there anyway.

It is easy to fall into these anxiety traps.

When I started as a sales trainer my first big training was with Nokia. I was fussing about getting everything perfect for the presentation and getting a bit nervous. A friend of mine (also a trainer / consultant) asked me, "where is your focus, on making yourself look good or getting a result for your trainees?"

At that point I relaxed because I realised that I knew my stuff and I would respond to whatever came up from my audience and make sure they got THEIR outcome (.e.skills to sell better).

Hope this helps you to have removed your anxiety, Greg

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