A better Closer

by Account Executive

I would like to be a better closer.



well, we would all like to be better closers since that would mean more sales.

I'll have to say exactly what I said to the person in the previous post.

Many sales people think the answer is in better closing techniques.
It rarely is. (read the post Sales Closing Techniques)

Slow, down. Build an understanding between you and the prospect. Build relationships.
Develop sales rapport.
Find out what they really want.

People will buy once they see value in what you are offering.
You need to spend time building that value up.
People are motivated by their criteria, NOT YOURS or your company's.
What are their criteria ?
Are they motivated to seek goals or avoid problems.
You build value entirely differently to each of these types.

When it's time to close it also helps to know if they are procedural people or like to keep their options open.
Get procedural people into a procedure and they are compelled to see it to the end.
Option people you close using values (their values).
For more on this you can go to responsive customers.

Hope this helps, Greg

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