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Carpet, flooring sales

by Carl
(Somerset, MA, USA)

My customers always compare our price to a competitors lower grade product and thinks that our price is too high for them... SO most off I will get " can you write down the quote and I will think about it and call you back". I try to explain the urgency in buying now but most times I need to give a lower price in order to get them to commit. Something like "I understand that you are a repeat customer or a new customer, If I can get my manage to approve a XX% for being a new/repeat customer can we make a deal today?" I would love to be able to hold value in my product however most customers are always fixed on price and not our service. Do you have any good tips?

Thanks for your input Carl.

I'm sure you are not the only salesperson encounter an objection like this.

You say your product is superior. YOU know that and I'm wondering how does the customer know that ? Maybe they need a little education ?

I mean, can you imagine someone walking into a Mercedes or BMW dealership and expecting to buy one these cars for the same price as a Hyundai ?The European cars are perceived as better quality. How do they do that ?

A colleague of mine worked with a furniture retailer a while back and got the company to do classes to educate potential clients on the difference between good and average furniture. I believe their sales increased dramatically ?
Any ideas how you could educate your prospects ?

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Oct 10, 2007
Carpet and Flooring Sales
by: Carl

Thanks for responding so quickly. I have thought about a few ideas in educating my prospects. Obviously I carry numerous samples of our companies flooring and carpet and I can tell them all about the benefits of them. What I was thinking is to get a few samples of say Home Depots, Lowes or some competitors products and showing the differences in them. Not sure how that would come off to the customer though. I only get 2 hours with each customer so I feel a lot of pressure to build rapport and build value in our service and products without coming off as an obvious salesman. I want to be subtle in my sales approach and be pushy when the time comes.... What do you think?

Hi Carl,

Greg here again.

You mention you only get 2 hours with each customer. If I understand correctly you sell door-to-door. Educating customers one at a time is labor intensive. How could you set up an evening where you could educate 10 prospects at the same time. Not sure if you work from leads or canvas an area street by street. In any case an invitation to a free evening with some refreshments provided, prompted by a flier or a postcard with something like: "Buying flooring is an expensive investment. Don't make a costly mistake. Before you purchase anything learn to recognize quality...Attend a free course on how to spot ...etc.
Maybe you could even do this via web based video training. Get your prospects to view the video before you call. There are many ways, you have to find what works for you.
By the way, you can build Rapport in 5 minutes so you should be feeling no time pressure to do that. (For details see "The Rapport Report" on this site.

All the best, Greg

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