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How much more effective would better persuasion techniques make you ?

Have you noticed yet, that the old selling techniques don't seem to work as well as they did ?

Are you selling to professional buyers in the business market ?

Is meeting your budget becoming easier or more of a struggle ?

Hi, I’m Greg and that’s my “mugshot”
over on the right. 

I worked as a salesman for almost 25
years and I know what it's like at the 
coalface - working hard, and long days
too,but still not getting it all done ?

I know it would have been much easier then if I had used the persuasion techniques I learned later in my career.

Those techniques and mindset I have now refined and offer to you. 

You know the thing with selling is that the more sales you make the more follow up you have to do and if you work in a "downsized" company it's likely you'll have more paperwork and backroom work to do too. Some sales people can just decide that they work "X" hours a week and if they need to do less selling and more admin that's OK.

What about those sales people who want to, or need to, grow their sales ? If you follow the traditional approach of "turn more (door handles, that is), earn more" you could end up stuck in a cycle of spending more and more time working, to the point where there is no time left in the week for fun, rest and relaxation.

What if there is an easier way ?

Just suppose there are persuasion techniques that allow you to make more sales in less time. Actually, it's a persuasion paradigm rather than a technique.

Imagine selling techniques based on a different persuasion paradigm, a method that was psychologically based and focused on your prospect.

How much easier would that make your working day ?
How much more satisfying would that be for you?

Applying the mindshift and the persuasion techniques I propose could help you if you experience any of the following:

  • Dreading the next objection THOSE customers will come up with
  • Customers who just can't understand the benefits of your offer
  • Spending too much time at work and too little with your loved ones
  • Customers you just can't seem to get along with
  • Difficulty coping with the extra work since the company downsized
  • Struggle to get yourself to make that first call in the morning
  • Dread at the thought of making a cold call

If you'd like to know a way to approach selling that'll help you close more sales, read on.

In my early days of selling I was quite successful because:

  • I focused on helping my prospects and customers
  • I was enthusiastic
  • I asked a lot of questions and really listened to the answers

But, there were still people I couldn't sell to, some that I couldn't even get along with. Some that could just not see the benefits of a product I had to offer to the point where I wondered if we spoke the same language.

I learned during those times that, despite the cliché, the customer is NOT always right. HOWEVER, the customer is always the customer and selling is all about the prospect becoming a buyer and being delighted with the result.

The problem is the prospect doesn't always know what they want.

Often after asking a lot of questions I was able to guess what they wanted and needed. The more accurately I guessed the more successful I was in selling to them.


When you accept the persuasion paradigm I propose and apply the persuasion techniques I offer, you will:

  • Understand what's important to your prospect
  • Understand how people buy
  • Increase your ability to gain rapport with any prospect
  • Enhance the buying experience of your customers
  • Be able to modify your language to appeal specifically to each client
  • Be able to do less selling and allow the client to do more buying
  • Shorten your sales cycle

So, if you would like to work less and earn more, you are in the right place.

You may be wondering "where do I start ?"
How do I acquire these persuasion techniques ?

Well that reminds me of a story, which you can read by clicking the"Sales Coaching" button over to your left.

Well, you could get some free information including helpful selling techniques and hints via the articles on this site. You can find the articles by clicking on the "Free Articles" navigation button on your left.

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You could explore other parts of this site (using the navigation bars to your left), which discuss some of the selling models and persuasion techniques on the market today, gives some snippets of my approach and reviews some of the popular selling and persuasion books. This may help you zero in on persuasion techniques that suit you.

However, if you want more advanced information, information that will allow you to make more sales, information based on a new persuasion paradigm and supported by psychologically based persuasion techniques,you'll need to purchase some of my eBooks and my reports.

To make optimal progress, just like in the story I referred to earlier, you'll need to work with me as a coach and practice the skills I explain to you.

This site exists for one reason, to make your life in sales easier and more rewarding. Whether you want to make more money for your children's education or whether you want to have more time and money to enjoy yourself, the information on this site can help..

Happy reading…. Here's to Your Sales Success.

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The info is very helpful and productive... Gurbir Singh


Hi Greg,

I am forever grateful for your mission of helping salespeople around the globe to raise the bar of service in this profession through your free articles and sharing of experiences even offering to sales coach.

My perspective about selling raised to a new level since reading some of the articles yesterday... Marcelino

I found that this information is very powerful... Julia