Time to Find Out Your Sales


Now it's time to find out what is holding back your sales results

The ONE thing that if you improved would dramatically increase the sales results you are seeing

It should take you about 5 minutes to answer these questions..(I did it in 3 minutes, but I wrote the questions)

Its important that you:

Answer in terms of what you do now...not what you'd like to be doing...or think you should be doing... as they say in the police shows "stick to the facts mam"

Move through the questions quickly

Answer ALL the questions

Make sure your email is correct so I can send you the diagnosis

OK that's it, as the NIKE slogan says..."Just Do it"

What is Your Sales Behaviour ?

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plan a logical sequence of prospects to cold call
do research on companies before I call
have a networking plan
plan my questions/approach I will use when cold calling
take the time to get in the right frame of mind before cold calling
I have a bunch of closing techniques that I use
I never seem to get to use closing techniques, they are just buying
Apologise, give up and get out of there as soon as possible
Act surprised and say "I've never heard that before"
Ask, "Compared to what?"
Ask, "Is that the ONLY thing preventing you from buying?"
Ask, "How do you know it's too expensive?"
can tell very quickly if my customer is having a bad day
know what is important to my customer
know my customer's preferred modality (visual, auditory, feelings)
I always hear out the full objection without interrupting
I ignore the objection and keep on presenting
I ask the prospect to hold their objection until I finish my presentation
I tell the customer why they are wrong to think that way
I always feed the objection back for confirmation
record action items I have to take
put action items in my calendar (or equivalent)
forward items to prospect on time
check with prospect to confirm data received
a next step is agreed upon
I record action items I have to take
I make sure the steps to delivery are all in place and get on with my next job
I go out and celebrate
I make sure the steps to delivery are all in place and make sure I follow up on that delivery
I make sure the steps to delivery are all in place, make sure I follow up on it and check with the customer afterwards
The % of meetings I get from calls (e.g. 10 calls gives me one appointment)
What % of my visits result in a sale
I know my revenue v sales appointment ratio
I know the lifetime value of a customer
I talk the most
The prospect talks most
It changes prospect talks most early them me
ALWAYS have business cards with me
keep my car clean and have it serviced regularly
schedule sales meeting to minimise travel
am VERY, VERY curious
believe in the phrase "turn more - earn more"
know what Scarcity is and how to use it
use Presuppositions when I am selling
know when to talk in generalities and when to get specific during a sales call
To be of service
Make budget
Educate people on my products
Get maximum salary for minimal work

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