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YourSalesSuccess, Issue #073 - Fear of Rejection when Selling
December 01, 2016

YourSalesSuccess e-Zine # 073 – Fear of Rejection when Selling


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Fear of REJECTION is a big thing for many sales people.

It causes many problems too, like:

  • arousing a sense of distrust in your prospect as they "smell" your fear
  • causing you to fumble your words becasue your brain is clouded by the fear
  • reduces the impact of your words becasue your come across as incongruent ... where your body language does not match what you are saying

And, it doesn't need to be that way.

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As I mentioned above FEAR of REJECTION plagues many salespeople.

Personally, I never had many problems with it.

I think that was because my focus was always on helping a customer rather than on how I was feeling myself.

The video below is, noted sales trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer's take on fear of rejection and there is also some comments about an experience I had that also helped me to avoid this fear.

Take a look at the video below ....

​​​​​​​(Note: The video is at the bottom of the page you arrive at)

Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

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